Stressed or distressed? 18 signs it’s not good.

What is stress? 

Stress is your body’s reaction to experiences, demands and pressures that require an adjustment or responseEveryone experiences some level of stress from time to time, no-one exempt. Stress can be both negative and positive. Positive stress can help you stay alert, motivated focused and improve performance. Negative stress is when a person faces ongoing challenges, with no relief, causing a person to be distressed.

18 signs of negative stress:

  1. Your passions fade
  2. You are experiencing a decrease in energy
  3. You’re feeling tired/exhausted
  4. Sleep and time off no longer refuel you
  5. You’ve noticed changes in your appetite
  6. You’re feeling sad
  7. Little things make you overly emotional
  8. Your heart is beating faster than usual
  9. You find yourself grinding your teeth
  10. You don’t feel the highs and lows anymore
  11. Everybody drains you
  12. You’re becoming cynical
  13. Nothing satisfies you
  14. You can’t think straight
  15. An unusual breakout in acne
  16. Your productivity is dropping
  17. Unusual weight gain or loss
  18. You don’t laugh anymore

If you or any other person is in a life threatening situation or feeling suicidal, contact the relevant emergency support immediately.


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