Overwhelmed with Fear? Practical Steps to Change Negative Thoughts.

If you had to choose between having control on current circumstances vs having no control, it would be no surprise that most would preference having control. When things are not in control, we don’t know what to expect. This can result in behaviours that even come as a surprise to ourselves.

With all the news regarding COVID19 circulating around the globe, it is normal to struggle with the idea of having no control, to experience overwhelming thoughts of fear, to be filled with worry and anxiety.

Our emotional reactions all stem from our thoughts. If you are to change your feelings of fear, worry and anxiety, you must change your thoughts.

Three practical ways you can change negative thoughts.

Gratitude – write a list of all the things you are grateful for. It could be the gift of life, for provision of food, fresh air to breathe in, your family, friendships, health in your body, support network that you have, whatever it is, write it down.

Acts of Kindness – shift the focus off you for a moment. Ask yourself, who is around you that may be going through the struggle? It may be cooking them a meal, writing a card or leaving them a note of affirmation, maybe a phone call to drop a word of encouragement or simply acknowledging someone through kind words.

Letting go of negativity – many negative thoughts derive from unforgiveness, which if pro-longed, results in harbouring bitterness. Are you holding on to unforgiveness?

What may surprise you is that when thinking about forgiveness, people often think it must be directed to someone who has committed offence. This is not always the case, sometimes the very person you need to forgive is you! Have you done something you said you weren’t going to do, eg, eat half a block of chocolate after you gave yourself that self-talk that you were going healthy – do you have feelings of anger or disappointment with self? It may be unfulfilled expectation, you set yourself a task list to complete by 7PM, but when you check that list and only see a third marked off, you become angry with self.

Choose today to change negative thoughts to positive ones.


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