How to Remain Emotionally Connected while Practicing Social Distancing

With COVID19 affecting thousands around the world, whether impacted directly or indirectly, this pandemic has quickly changed our lives and the way we do things.

When it comes to the way we are used to socialising, we have truly been thrown into the deep end quickly. Truth be told, no-one prepared for what we today face. Schools closed down, places of social gatherings closed, places of worship closed.

It is important to not allow physical isolation to lead to emotional isolation.

Keeping in touch with family, friends, loved one’s is so important during this time. Often the people close to us represent our support unit. In times like today, where social distancing rules have been enforced for our personal safety, many of us are asking the same question, what does staying connected look like.

Practical ways to stay emotionally connected? 

Recognise those in your support network. Who is my support network? How can they support me and how I also support them? Who can I reach out to if I begin to experience overwhelming thoughts? This could be made up of family, friends and colleagues.

Reach out – don’t have an attitude I will only reach out if they reach out. Reach out! If you used to catch up with relatives every fortnight for dinner, don’t put that on hold because of limited one to one contact. Organise a platform to meet on, each family preparing a hot meal, and coming online to meet together, you’d be surprised how much fun online family feuds can be….or not.

Remember – Remember those in your circle that may be going through difficult times. Maybe they are battling sickness or may have been laid off their job. With many of us finding more time on our hands via being confined to the four walls of our home, it is in this season that we are given opportunity to be kind, thoughtful and remain emotionally connected


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