How Can I Remain Balanced With so Much Doom & Gloom?

Are you experiencing feelings of discouragement? Are you wondering how you’re going to make it? How are you going to get through the next few months? With the daily updates of the global death toll, virus (COVID19) spreading, many jobs stepped down, protests and so much unrest,  many are experiencing panic and fear.

How can you remain balanced in a time such as this?    
Your thoughts influence your emotions. It’s how we see or hear things, and then the way we perceive those things that affect us.

One way to remain balanced is to balance and filter what you are watching and listening to. For example, if I sit down all day and watch news clip after news clip on COVID19, then it should come as no surprise that feelings of fear, worry and anxiety will be heightened.

It is important to be informed, but also important to balance the incoming of information. Balance what you are listening to. Balance what you are watching. You have control of the amount of information entering your home. For example, watch the news then switch off and engage in something positive…dial a friend, play a board game with the kids, do an overdue spring clean, sign up for a short course, right out some goals, engage in an activity that is not focused only on doom and gloom.

What are you feeling right now?

It can be difficult at times to define exactly what you are feeling and even harder to put your feelings into words. Set some time aside, grab a pen and paper, right down everything emotion you are feeling.

Change how you feel…

If you want to improve the way you feel, you need to ask yourself, what are your current thoughts? What are you thinking? What can you practically do to filter what you hear and see, keeping incoming information balanced? Reflect and make a list of some practical changes you can make that will help improve how you feel by changing your thoughts and those of your family. This could be as simple as recognising an emotion, identifying that thought associated with the emotion, and testing that thought, is it completely true, am I being objective, is there another way to look at that thought/situation/person/event?

If you are struggling with your thoughts or are experiencing overwhelming emotions, we have many professional, qualified, experienced Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Therapists available to help you.

Get Well. Be Inspired. Live Life.

– Wellspiration Team

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